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What is it like to attend West Cliff?

West Cliff is a school where staff deeply care about the well being of the pupils (and their parents) that come here. Inclusion sits at the very heart of the school. School leaders and governors have a passionate commitment to helping pupils be the best that they can be.

Expectations for all pupils are high. This includes children with SEND. If any child is falling behind or has recently joined the school then there is a plan to address quickly. Pupils arrive at school eager to learn. The school enquiry curriculum is ambitious and extends the children's learning beyond their own life experiences. Enquiries are planned carefully to ensure progression of skills and knowledge across school.


Pupils behave exceptionally well. They are kind and courteous, and have patience with children that may find school life difficult. Children feel happy, safe and wanted. Bullying is not tolerated.


Pupils get many chances to see and experience the world beyond the school gates - with a variety of trips and a progressive set of beach school activities. Children are taught to respect their heritage, and also to understand and respect the wider world.

Our aims and values

West Cliff Primary School wants :

  • Every child to reach his or her full potential in a climate which is fun, stimulating and exciting
  • To be a school where children are safe and happy, have pride in themselves and are valued
  • To be a place where there is mutual care and respect

We believe that this is best achieved by a child centred approach:

  • that educates the whole person through a challenging, evolving and exciting curriculum
  • that emphasises the values of being a caring, responsible and respectful member of our community
  • that supports and encourages children to achieve their best, working in partnership with parents and the local community
  • where learning is led by professional staff who are committed to continuing their own learning and are actively valued and supported by the school

Our curriculum is described in more detail in the curriculum section of the website but we believe in a creative and thematic approach with lots of trips and visitors! We teach reading through synthetic phonics, starting in our Puffin Class.








Our Pledges

In their time at West Cliff School your child will:

  • Represent the school in Sport or the Arts
  • Have a cultural experience
  • Attend at least one extra curricular club each year
  • Go on an overnight adventure
  • Be a tourist in North Yorkshire
  • Tame a tiger (face a situation that worries them)
  • Improve their local environment and community
  • Be prepared for life in multi-cultural Britain
  • Visit the beach on a regular basis
  • Dream Big!
  • Develop a love of reading
  • Become a confident citizen in the digital world


If you have a concern about something concerning your child, it is important that you raise this with as soon as possible. Set out below are the steps you should take. 
What to do first 
Most concerns can be sorted out quickly by speaking with your child’s class teacher. The school secretary will be able to help you make an appointment. 
If you are still concerned 
If you are still concerned following your meeting, you can make a formal complaint to the Headteacher, Mrs Zanelli. You can also contact her if you have a concern which you think is better dealt with by her rather than a class teacher.  You can arrange to meet her or you can make a complaint in writing. Should you wish to do so, you can take a friend or relative to any meeting.
If you decide to make a complaint in writing, Mrs Zanelli will contact you to discuss the problem and you will usually be invited to a meeting within five working days of you requesting a meeting. She will then conduct a full investigation of the complaint and may interview any members of staff or pupils concerned. You will receive a written response to your complaint within ten working days of any meeting or of any written complaint where you have not asked for a meeting. You will also receive an indication of what you need to do if you want to take the matter further.
If you are still unhappy 
If you are still not satisfied, you may wish to make a formal complaint to the governing body. 
You should write to the Chair of Governors of the school, Mark Boagey.  You can reach here through the school.  He will try to see if there is a way forward and will meet with you within ten working days. 
If he is unable to resolve the matter within ten days of your meeting, your complaint will then be heard by a committee of three governors called the Complaints Review Committee. 
They will have no prior knowledge of the case and will therefore be able to make a fresh, unbiased assessment. You will be invited to attend the committee meeting, accompanied by a friend or relative if you wish, and to put your side of the matter. A date will be set within ten working days of you indicating that you wish the matter to be dealt with by the Complaints Committee.
Christina Zanelli will also attend to give her account. 
You will receive a written response to your complaint within five working days of the meeting to hear the complaint, together with an indication of what you can do if you want to take the matter further, (though it is hoped that the Complaints Review Committee will have been able to find in a way that makes this unnecessary).
Is there any further action I can take? 
Complaints about school problems are usually settled within the school but in exceptional cases it may be possible to refer the matter to an outside body such as the Local Education Authority or the Secretary of State for Education and Skills. The Chair of the Complaints Review Committee will advise you further about this and provide you with any necessary information if you decide to follow this route.  It is very much hoped that it will have been possible to resolve complaints without resorting to this. 

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